Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spaces for species and unexpected pieces

Pretending this exhibit was just for me. The drawers were my favorite part of the old museum when it was located in Dickerson. So I spent extra time with them. The custom inset spaces resonated in particular and led to my collection project (to be unveiled later). 

Butterfly Visit

                Butterfly Archive Tour:  

    - 1943 Miami Butterfly Specimen

Juan's ots (butterfly archive)

    - rare butterflies 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First tour at Powell hall

visual notes from the first tour

Snake stacks
Herbarium spread
Pressed leaves, seed samples, and wood 
Shark bite catalog
endangered sawtooth bills

Guardian article pointing out the rise in Wunderkammer in Art

A Prado installation in front of the Antón Meng workshop’s His Majesty’s Anteater. Photograph: Pedro Martinez De Alborno
Also interesting mention of how artists are being subsumed by curators in power. 
"Cabinets of curiosities were a strange bridge between atavistic myth and dawning scientific reality. As such, their revival speaks to our own vexed relationship with the natural world, at a time when we seem bent on destroying it – partly as a result, some might say, of the schism between science and art. However, few of the contemporary artists attempting to emulate the exotic appeal of the wunderkammer (wonder cabinet) could compete with what is happening in continental Europe, where curators have some of the most famous works of art in the world to play with."

Hoare, Philip. "Museum and gallery curators reopen the cabinet of curiosities concept" The Guardian. January 13th, 2014. Web. 

flmnh staff list

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Manifesta Workbook

“Manifesta Workbook: The Emancipated Visitor” 

Inside the White Cube

Iniside the White Cube:
Notes on the Gallery Space

The Brain Is Mightier Than the Camera When Remembering Art

The Brain Is Mightier Than the Camera When Remembering Art

Research Suggests People Who Take Pictures of Art Remember Less About the Works Than Those Who Don't.

The Overexposed Museum

The Overexposed Museum

by Eric Gibson

"Camera technology and the iPhone are changing the museum experience"

eMotion - Mapping Museum Experience

"eMotion analyses the experience of the museum-goer experimentally. The core of our interest is the museum architecture, the art objects, curatorial installation and how they effect and affect the behaviour of the visitors."

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Repurposing the Wunderkammer Lectures and Screenings 

Lecture: SERGIO VEGA, "A Summer Garden: Reflections on Natural History and Colonialism” 
Tuesday, January 21, 6PM, School of Art + Art History, free.

RISK Cinema Screenings:
CAMILLE HENROT, “The Strife of Love in a Dream,” 2011, 11 min. 37 sec.
BEN RIVERS, “The Creation as We Saw It,” UK/Vanuatu, 2012, 14 min.
BEN RUSSELL AND BEN RIVERS, “A Spell to Ward off the Darkness,” France-Estonia, 2013, 95 min.
Tuesday, February 11, 7PM, Harn Auditorium, Harn Museum of Art,
*Organized and Funded by RISK Cinema.

Visiting Artist Lecture: EUGENE PARNELL, “Lost Naturalists, Bigfoot, and Suspect Specimens”
Thursday, February 27, 6PM, School of Art + Art History, free.

Visiting Artist Lecture: ANDREW YANG, "Even a Rock Can be a Joke: Ambiguities in Art, Nature, and Knowledge"
Thursday, March 13, 6PM, School of Art + Art History, free.

Visiting Artist Lecture: MARK DION, "Collecting Collections: Reinventing the Cabinet of Curiosity"
*Funded by Creative Campus Catalyst Fund for the grant project "Repurposing the Wunderkammer: Building a New Space for Science and Art," the Creative Campus Analogous Thinking Grant, and the Marston Fund.
Thursday, March 27, SA+AH, 6PM, School of Art + Art History, free.

Visiting Artist Lecture: KIM ABELES, “the interconnectedness of things”
Thursday, April 17, 6PM, School of Art + Art History, free.

“Repurposing the Wunderkammer: Building a New Space for Science and Art” is a project funded by the Creative Campus Catalyst Grant Fund. The project was proposed and organized by Assistant Professor Sean Miller, College of Fine Arts, School of Art and Art History and Assistant Professor Stuart McDaniel, Department of Biology. These events are co-funded or supported by the Florida Museum of Natural History, Samuel P. Harn Museum, Analogous Thinking Grant, and the School of Art and Art History Visiting Artists / Scholars Committee Marston Fund.

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Contemporary Bio-Based Wunderkammer

Contemporary Bio-Based Wunderkammer