Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Gestrandetreich, a new branch for the re-purposed Wunderkammer. by Miguel Saludes

For this contemporary revision of the Wunderkammer I’d like to create a branch dedicated to the collection of objects both natural and manmade found in the beach. I view the beach as a midpoint desert, a purgatory where elements from both the sea and the land meet and pile up creating a disparate, Illogical museum. I wish to create a space where these oddities could find permanence, a final resting place. This space will also allow the audience to study the objects themselves, and meditate about their origins, their interactions, and the messages they might communicate about nature, the environment, and contemporary life. I wish to call this branch the Gestrandetreich, a German composite word that combines Gestrandet, meaning beached, or washed ashore, and Reich, meaning realm, or domain. A rough translation of this term would be “domain of the washed ashore”. 

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